itmWEB Affiliates


We take great pride in the fantastic companies and organizations with which we are are associated. Each of them brings a unique dimension to our business and our activities. Let us assemble a highly experienced and focused team to assist with your next mission critical project.

Advisory and Research

Stratamation is focused on helping organizations develop strategies for leveraging technology effectively in transforming their organizations to meet current challenges. Our services start with the goals and outcomes desired by the client and we leverage a set of proven frameworks and methodologies to achieve the goals. 
MTM IT Advisory Group LLC
Increasing Information Technology Efficiency & Effectiveness by providing leadership, assessment, transformation, innovation and project management advisory services for mid to large sized organizations.
Xtrii is a performance catalyst that works with clients to achieve extraordinary information technology results for their business.  We leverage our 25+ years of successful experience and proven expertise to help you remove the complexity and make the right investments for your business. 
Excelevant works with clients to develop comprehensive technology strategy and tailored software systems that achieve both top-line and bottom-line business objectives.
Pemeco is a boutique ERP project management consulting firm. Since their inception in 1978, they have helped each and every one of their clients achieve ERP success.
Cutter Consortium
Cutter Consortium is a global IT advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations forge solutions to the business technology challenges they face. Through research, consulting, and training, Cutter assists enterprises as they create, implement, and maintain IT systems.
Bridgepoint Consulting provides advisory services to optimize financial operations and technology utilization for their clients. They employ highly-skilled professionals that have expertise in financial operations, risk management, compliance, information technology, transactions, restructuring and executive recruiting.
Improving business results through people, process, & technology -Differentiators LLC is focused on examining how IT departments can win the hearts and minds of their company while helping propel it toward new heights.
eVantage21 has successfully helped a multitude of clients to perform effective strategic planning, to develop next level leadership, to leveage an expert network, to conduct optimal vendor negotiations, and to make targeted enterprise software selections.
ptrp Global
ptrp Global has a global mindset due to our international work experience. We adapt to different work conditions, we are capable to understand and solve cultural barriers, and our accounting and finance backgrounds allow us to support the IT team proving information to configure accounting structure and financial statements.




Advanced IT Technologies

Accelerate results with an innovative strategy management platform. Achieve strategic clarity and accountability across your department leaders.  Integrate strategic intentions with operational execution to enable dynamic response to shifts in strategic and operational contexts.
Dejalytics provides a cloud based BigData platform which is highly configurable for doing predictive science analytics using highly advanced predefined algorithms and scripts through a web based interface. The solution is extremely scalable and the product has been proven in some of the world's largest companies.

Professional Events

InnoTech is an annual conference and exhibition built specifically for business and technology executives, highlighting the region's innovation and technology development opportunities by showcasing pioneering products and services.
efm Events
efm Events are purposefully targeted and focused in an effort to streamline the networking and relationship building amongst IT professionals and technology suppliers.

Service Providers

Axen is a Microsoft Gold certified nearshore IT service provider with a full service operation in Austin, Texas. Through this team, they provide the value of utilizing elite Mexican tech talent while retaining close collaboration and world class results. Axen has over a decade of experience working with fast growing and Fortune 500 companies as a seamless extension of their IT solution delivery teams. 

Jungo Recruiting
Evaluating talent acquisition problems and recommending creative solutions is they do best. If your company’s growth demands new talent or if you lose an important member of your team, they offer the expertise to keep you moving ahead. Filling a position should not be a quick fix, but rather an important piece in the overall framework of your company and its continuous building process. They understand the importance of the bottom line and how effective leadership by the right people contributes to it.