VBM Prototyping

VBM - Vision Based Methodology™

Activity 7: Creating the Vision

Create the Prototypes

So how is the client "vision" of the proposed system created? Through prototyping. Working from the defined requirements and the completed models, the System Builder creates a first draft of the client/system interactions. These may be in the form of report or screen layouts. Consideration must be given to the target technical environment, the intended client culture, and the current systems characteristics. All will play a related role in the eventual completed system design.

To create the first-cut prototype, follow these recommended steps:

  1. Review the first-cut Physical Database Design and recross-reference the data structures (derived from the entities) to the proposed screens/forms (from the list created during Conceptual Design).
  2. For each proposed screen/form, identify all of the fields that should be displayed from the associated database structures.
  3. Layout each screen/form using the fields from the associated database structures.

When completed, review each layout for completeness, functionality, and ascetics.

If any new fields are discovered during the screen/form design process, add them to the new database design as well as the newly formatted screens.

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