VBM Prototyping Sessions

VBM - Vision Based Methodology™

Activity 7: Creating the Vision

Conducting the Prototyping Sessions

By its very nature, prototyping is an iterative process. With each review/feedback/revise cycle, the team moves closer to the optimal business solution.

Stage 1 - Formal screen presentation and review sessions

Many options exist for the medium that is the most appropriate for the presentation sessions:

Stage 2 - Informal hands-on business client reviews

Once the prototypes have been formally reviewed and modified based on the prototyping sessions, an informal review is in order. In many cases these can be even more productive than the formal sessions. Example business cases should be prepared for entry by the participating business clients. During these exercises, many detailed questions, and less apparent functional considerations have a way of surfacing. The one-on-one nature of the review allows the screen designer to identify further refinements and additional layout options for any identified concerns. Additionally, the reviews serve to increase the confidence and ownership levels of the business clients.

Stage 3 - Final screen validation and sign-off meetings

After all of the formal and informal reviews are complete, the finalized screen layouts should be distributed for validation and approval. This may be in the form of a meeting with everyone who was involved, plus any additional clients who will be the primary utilizers of the completed system.

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