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Over the years we have had the pleasure to see talks from some of the world's leading thinkers in technology, strategy, science, entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, security, and globalization.


On this page we highlight some of our favorite affiliated and Austin hometown speakers who we consider to be operating at a world class level of presenting and who are also thinking and writing at the cutting edge of their own disciplines.

Simply click the links next to each individual to find your way to their respective website and biography - or you can contact us and we can always help to you learn more about each speaker.

Russ Finney - High Tech CIO, Researcher, & Advisor
Russ Finney
Russ is in front of audiences all over the world speaking about topics such as leveraging ultra-future technologies, discovering disruptive innovations, doing high impact strategic planning, taming virtual and cultural team issues, using agile techniques within large enterprises, enhancing teamwork dynamics and productivity, and creating new business models from within IT.


Terry Bennett - CIO & Executive Advisor

Terry is a strategically-minded difference maker who improves business results through people, processes, and technology – in that order. He transforms IT departments into dynamic organizations that are proactive and business-focused. Terry has a proven ability to develop teams recognized for achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  His speeches and workshops challenge the thinking of IT and business professionals alike toward igniting them to unlock the full potential of people and technology needed for success today and in the future.

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Steve Finnerty - Leadership Development
Steve Finnerty is currently president of Finnerty Consulting which is focused on helping people and teams achieve their potential. The focus of his practice is individual and team leadership development, CIO coaching, strategy development and change management.

Thom Singer - Branding, Positioning, & Networking
Thom Singer has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience with firms such as RR Donnelley, Brobeck Phleger & Harrison LLP, Andrews Kurth LLP, Marsh, Inc., and Wells Fargo Bank. He is an expert in branding, positioning and networking, and has trained thousands of professionals in the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business.

Dante S. Lauretta - OSIRIS-REx Principal Investigator
Dr. Dante Lauretta is a Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Arizona and the leader of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission. He manages a diverse, multi-cultural team from industry, government, and academia. Space exploration brings out the best in people and inspires them to greatness. The multi-decade timeline of this $1-billion cost-capped NASA mission provides a great example of achieving long-term strategic objectives while maintaining a focus on near-term tactical decisions. Dr. Lauretta uses this experience to help leaders build unique team cultures, identify strengths and weaknesses among broad consortium partnerships, and apply this knowledge to achieve top-level objectives.

Dr. Keri Pearlson - Researcher & Advisor
Dr. Keri E. Pearlson is an expert in the area of managing and using information. She has worked with CIOs and executives from some of the largest corporations in the world. She has expertise in helping executives create strategies to become Web 2.0-enabled enterprises, designing and delivering executive leadership programs, and managing multi-client programs on issues of interest to senior executives of information systems.

Steve Guengerich - New Ventures Marketing

Steve is a executive, advisor, writer, and speaker who frequently gives talks at major industry conferences like Comdex, Networld+Interop, and Internet World Australia, as well as annual conferences for Gartner Group’s Dataquest and Forrester’s Meta Group. He has a wealth of experiences and stories to share with an audience from his years of working with both high technology start-ups and innovative non-profits.


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Bob Barker - CEO Strategies & Leadership
Trusted CEO Advisor Bob Barker brings a rare combination of C level experience in both large companies and startups that provides unique insight. Over a 30 year career, he negotiated and implemented multiple partnerships with major industry players, resulting in new products that drove multi-million dollar increases in revenue. He also led multiple acquisitions for a large company, including a $200M transaction. Later serving as Entrepreneur in Residence for an early stage venture firm, he evaluated investments based on experience gained in multiple senior management stints at high tech startups.

Bijoy Goswami - Mental Models for Business

Bijoy Goswami is deeply interested in how we create extraordinary, meaningful and joyful lives. He sees our unique human capability of building mental models as a vital part of this endeavor. He loves building and sharing simple, yet powerful models, including MRE, youPlusU and Bootstrap.

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Torvald Hessel - The Science of Non-Profits
Torvald Hessel is the  Executive Directorof the Austin Planetarium, additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor of Astronomy at ACC. He received his Masters Degree in Astrophysics from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 1999 he immigrated to the United States and ended up in Austin, TX where he worked for seven years as a web designer and programmer for the University of Texas at Austin.
Hank Jones - The Legal Side of Technology
Hank is a software and information technology lawyer, executive, and corporate trainer. He has assisted dozens of buyers in hundreds of IT projects. He also knows "the vendor side" from having worked inside six companies, and for over 150 vendor clients. Jones consults nationally on software, Internet commerce, and computer-related sourcing, development, licensing, intellectual property, and risk management. A member of the California and Texas bars, Jones has delivered 200+ talks in 5 countries and published over 25 articles.

Gary Hoover - Entrepreneurial Journeys
Gary Hoover travels the world speaking to Fortune 500 executives, trade associations, entrepreneurs, and college and high school students about how enterprises are built and how they stand the test of time. His speeches and workshops have ranged from the Hong Kong and Jakarta chapters of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) to keynote at the National Association of Convenience Stores Convention to Microsoft and Oracle client conferences.

Fred Mapp - IT Strategy & Management
Fred Mapp is a consultant and motivational speaker with more than 40 years of experience in IT. Fred has served as CIO at various Fortune 100 companies. He has held key positions at IBM, InfoSpan Corporation, American Express, Honeywell, AMD and the World Congress on Information Technology.

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